About Us

Cherry Patterson describes herself as a “reformed pack-rat”. Along her path to reformation, she’s learned some wonderful organizing principles and techniques that have lifted her from the “pack-rat grind”, and have greatly simplified her work, her home, and her life. She loves her new “reduced-stuff” lifestyle and eagerly shares the organizing skills she’s learned, and systems she’s developed, with others.

Cherry earned a bachelor’s degree in Education of the Hearing Impaired from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. She’s spent many years as a teacher and interpreter for the deaf and homeschooled her three daughters for a total of 19 years. It was during this time of homeschooling that she learned many of her organizational skills.

Cherry also works as an Administrative Assistant to Dr. Beverly Chiodo, known as “The Doctor of Encouragement,” the greatest motivational speaker around! Check out Dr. Chiodo’s website at: www.SpeakingOfCharacter.com. Call Cherry if you would like to inquire about scheduling a Character-Driven Success® speech.

Cherry and Bob live in North Augusta, SC. They have three beautiful daughters, three handsome sons-in-laws, three gorgeous granddaughters, and three charming grandsons! In their free time, they enjoy traveling, visiting with family and friends, playing tennis, and enjoying good Texas cooking.